The Success


A Story about Process Serving


Tommy Toscano was a huge man, if nothing else, worthy of being a champion body builder. He stood at 6’,3 both muscular and “Ripped”. But that alone was not what almost compelled me to direct someone else to serve the restraining order in my stead. Tommy’s reputation and the rumors surrounding his life labeled him a Mafioso. He was the muscle in the famous Toscano family. Who knew what he was capable of?

After his ex-wife gave me the papers and told me where he could be found, she said in a thick Italian accent: “Don’t get killed.” I smiled, and she continued: “I’d feel pretty guilty if you got yourself killed”. Just then my smile became thin and required more effort as I assured her and myself that “no one was going to die on my watch.”

A day later I found myself knocking on the door to 13 Rockport bluff in Newport Coast at about 7:15 p.m.  It was one of the richest communities in Orange County and the houses were like mansions. I rang the bell several times and felt fortunate that I could hear the bell sounding in the distance. The first door led to the courtyard and I waved into the camera showing that I knew I was being watched.

Through the intercom I heard a man say in a rough voice: “Drop the papers and leave”. I replied bluffing heavily, and shivering from the adrenaline: “Mr. Toscano? I cannot do that. I must hand these papers to you”. Tommy said: “you have no idea what bear you’ve awoken”….

I started to walk away and then walked back to the door waiting for Tommy to appear. About 5 minutes later Tommy came to the courtyard door in a silver silk robe… the kind that boxers wore before and after a fight. Again I fought down an urge to flee as I quickly thanked Tommy and informed him of the nature of the documents that I handed to him. I got the sense that I had interrupted something important, and turned quickly to leave.

“Your name”? Tommy asked. I told him my first name. He said: You can be a process server or you can be a success……..You can’t pick both”.

Tommy turned to go when I heard myself respond: “Mr. Toscano……do you call that a jab or a left hook”?  Tommy chuckled and stated: “Your alive, your intact and you served Tommy Toscano with a restraining order……good for you Master Process Server. Don’t ever even think about coming here again!!!!! I never forget a face.


I looked down at the paper that reminded me of my encounter with Tommy Toscano and his warning to me. It was a summons and complaint. The address caught my eye: 13 Rockportbluff. The defendant and person to serve: Tommy Toscano. This time when he asked who I was, I would remind him: “The Success” Followed by: “Tommy Toscano, you’ve been served”.

Written by Ari Manes, Owner of the Orange County Professional Servers

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