Small Claims

Small Claims Process Server

Orange County Professional Servers follow California law and procedure as we serve your documents in a timely, efficient manner. Naturally we are registered and bonded pursuant to law.

Strategy, Care, Proficiency, Experience, Stealth, and even server Etiquette are some of the attributes that come with our service.

The types of documents we serve for small claims are:

  • The plaintiffs claim and order
  • Order for Appearance and Examination & Judgment Debtor’s Statement of Assets
  • Small Claims Subpoena & Declaration
  • Defendants Claim and Order to go to Small Claims Court

Of course we will need as much relevant information as we can about the subject(s) we are serving on your behalf

The first thing you should know when it comes time to selecting a process server is that the Sheriff’s deputy gets paid whether he is successful or not. Private process servers have a greater degree of accountability. If using the Sheriff’s department for service of process, one might ask if they will render updates along the way.

Secondly, most process servers say they specialize in “evasive subjects”. In fact, they may say it all over their website. We enjoy what we do. Rising to the challenges and overcoming them is among the most satisfying part of our work. We are successful because we have a game plan before we set out to serve your subject. In addition, we tap resources that are available to us.

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