Pricing, Terms & Conditions

Our Standard fee in O.C. is $65.00, for 5 Attempts

Serve for Any County Adjacent to O.C. starts at $85.00 for 3 attempts. Fees for Additional defendants or addresses apply.

THE LOCATE” – There are different methods for locating your subject. We employ a “basic” skip trace for $50.00  The database we use is also used by many Private Investigators. The Total cost for a Locate depends on circumstances. If further methods are needed beyond a skip trace, we will discuss those methods and ask for  authorization to continue.

Obtaining Forwarding Address information from the POST OFFICE –  $50.00 within O.C., 75.00 in adjacent county.

In 10-20% of the cases where the subject is evasive, we may need some “wait time” to serve the defendant successfully.

Surveillance/wait time is 40/hour, 2 hour minimum

SAME DAY/RUSH –  Add $20.00.

If a Rush POS filing,  $35.00

The fee for each additional defendant at the same address is $25.00

Filing Documents at the courthouse. O.C. courts do not permit attorneys to walk in and file under most circumstances. They require e-filing

Unlawful Detainer – $95.00 (see contract for our package deal)

Restraining Order – $95.00

Printing Fees – First 50 Pages Free. After that is .10/page

Difficult Serves

There are several reasons why a serve may be difficult including that the subject is evasive. Please let us know if you anticipate this. Please inform us if the defendant or subject is expecting the documents. Please render a description of the subject (if known), and a description of the vehicle(s). If it becomes necessary to run a skip trace, perform a stakeout, or locate an address, other fees may be required to complete the serve.

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