The “UnServe”

Once a  P.S. serves his/her papers….the servee cannot reverse the process. Most of us realize this. Nevertheless, there are those that object so fiercely, that they tear the paper in as many pieces as it takes to express their rage, indignation, and frustration.  There is no word for this phenomenon, but we call it the “Unserve”.

The Orange County Professional Servers are not unsympathetic in cases where the subject rips up the paper they’ve just been served. Nor do we bear the responsibility of such destructive acts. Our purpose is to notify and fulfill our responsibility to carry out due process the best we can. We must also keep the peace and act professionally. To that end it is our policy to leave the site where service of process has been fulfilled, with minimal interaction, except of course always to remind the subject: “You’ve Been Served”.

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