The Interview

The Interview

This Interview is designed to illuminate our Goals, Vision, Philosophy, Perpective, and Achievements.

Answered by Ari Manes, Owner

Question: What inspired you to start and set up a process serving company?

A:   I became inspired to set up this company when I was a plaintiff in a small claims suit. The process serving company that served the paperwork is prominent and successful. But a light bulb went off when I realized I could do better in the communication department. I knew that I could get the job done faster as well. I saw opportunity and was struck by the insight of what it’s like to be the client which I will never forget.

Q: Do you have experience as a process server?

A: I served papers for law firms for years. I worked as a messenger for 2 Attorney Services. I graduated from paralegal school over a decade ago and worked as a paralegal. I have experience as an entrepreneur and enjoy breathing life into my dreams.

Q:  Is there anything you plan on doing differently in an effort to provide the best service?

A:  My goals are different than the average attorney service and process serving company.  Usually in any business the goal is to maximize profits. The attorney services usually strive to obtain as many clients as possibly and grow the company accordingly. My goal is to maximize the quality of service first and foremost. Attracting clients and keeping them are two different areas of concentration. I know we will do both when we have our eye on the ball so to speak. I mean focusing on service and improving it, and structuring it so that we shine.

Q: And what is your selling point in a nutshell?

A:  We are committed to raising the bar of our profession. Process Serving may seem like a simple business operation to the outsider, but it is not when the goal is to thrive. There is a great degree of responsibility and there can be a lot of pressure. In the face of any adversity or challenge, we will not take shortcuts, and we will follow proper procedures. There are no shortcuts when it comes to fulfilling the requirements of due process.

Q: Is there anything that you have to say about your competitors that you admire or have learned from?

For the most part I have respect for companies like mine that operate in Orange County. I’d like to point out that any company that advertises “unlimited attempts” and actually follows through with that promise (without fine print, excuses, and exceptions) is to be admired. Nevertheless I’d have to see it to believe that it can be done profitably. Competition is a good thing overall….it allows us to learn and grow. I learned a lot working for both attorney services and I am grateful for that experience.

Q: Lastly, where do you see Orange County Process Servers in 5 years?

A:  To me success is not a dollar sign, but believing in and remaining true to ourselves. I want to be the best which means to me: seeing the worst, feeling it close, and not getting sucked in.


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