Service of Process


“How important is Service of Process”?  is there anything more important than “Due Process of Law”? Is there anything more important than giving a person proper notice that he is due in court on a specific date, at a specific time, under specific circumstances, following specific allegations, pursuant to the rules and laws of the state and federal government?

Admittedly we are biased, but the answer is simple: NO. There are many things that are just as important, but there is nothing more important under our system of justice than Service of Process. To illustrate this opinion, imagine if someone you barely know or don’t know files a restraining order against you with horrible allegations suggesting unspeakable acts. Moreover, this legal complaint is for the time being on public record. Do you not deserve the right to be notified in a timely fashion so that you can prepare a defense and obtain counsel (if necessary). Could there be even the most remote degree of fairness if the court observed that you were not notified of the allegations and allowed a hearing to begin without your presence?

Good Process Servers take what they do very, very seriously. Whether it’s the Orange County Professional Servers, or another professional, we know that our role under our system of justice is extremely important. The blind lady justice, the judge’s gavel, the suit we wear to court, The words plastered on the Courthouse: “Equal Justice under the Law”. These are all important, but they don’t make Justice.

The process server has an obligation to his client, and to the one he/she will serve.  Hire one that takes the law and his responsibilities seriously. Professional process servers do not work for riches or to gain celebrity respect. A true professional is enveloped with a passion to deliver the service that he was entrusted with.  We hope that you select us to help you, or that you will find another professional. Thank you!

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