Motivated to Succeed

Success Driven Services

The first questions clients typically ask when inquiring about a service is: “How much”? The process serving business is no different in this respect.  Our response: “Our prices are phenomenal considering the service we provide”. The question implies that the main difference between process servers is price. What does it cost you when you find out the cheapest process server in town never actually served the papers, or served them improperly?

This is why we call ourselves success driven . It is not enough to be a “registered and bonded” process server. It is not enough to reside close to where the serve will take place. It is not enough to knock at a time where the subject is unlikely to be home. We distinguish ourselves from those who treat their work as a job or less.

We’ve worked with other O.C. process servers who are experienced and professional. They understand the importance and meaning behind service of process and learning their profession. There are those that mistake a process server for a courier, but the work we do is broader and frequently more challenging. Orange County Professional Servers is successful based on our success rate, our goals, and that we bring best efforts to each and every serve. A question to ask a process server when considering their services is: “how do I know I can rely on your company to serve my papers successfully”?

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