Consumer Advice

Consumer Advice

Orange County Professional Servers believe service should be provided the way we would want it offered to us. Here are some examples of things to watch out for when selecting a process server company:

1)  A company website boldly states: “No Charge for Mileage or additional attempts!” Deeper in, the company indicates they specialize in “hard to get people”.  Still further in, the site says: “difficult serves” are “subject to additional charges.” Orange County Professional Servers believes in the importance of being consistent, honest and transparent.

2) We recommend knowing who you are dealing with. Some Attorney Services falsify status reports or back date court filings. We found that the owner of a process serving company signs the proof of service so the process server(s) won’t have to come in to the office and do it. At Orange County Professional Servers the pressure of a deadline does not impair our judgment. We are honored to assist you with a strong ethical back bone.

3)  Whichever process serving company you choose, make sure they will be available to render status updates when you request them. One red flag would be a company that tells you to wait for a number of days before contacting the process serving company. Another red flag would be when that company asks you (the customer) to follow up and ascertain that service is complete. Such is nonsense! At Orange County Professional Servers, it is our responsibility to update you and help you achieve peace of mind.

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