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Lady Justice - Serving Orange County, CA

No matter how busy we are, the Orange County Professional Servers are never too busy to answer the phone. Give us a call, and try us out: 949-226-1041.  Our mission is to serve our clients with the highest level of dependability and integrity; to maintain clear and effective communication at all times; and, to serve all documents in a timely, professional manner. Legal Process Serving is an art, and we take it seriously!

Having worked with, and for other process server companies and attorneys, Orange County Professional Servers understands that timely communication, efficient service, and integrity are instrumental to helping clients. We understand and uphold the responsibilities the law places on servers. We know that attention to detail, open and clear communication, and a commitment to timely service are fundamental to helping our clients obtain the  peace of mind they deserve.

Our Style of Process Serving 

The Orange County Professional Servers have been asked how our process serving differs from the process serving you’ll find at your average attorney service. Prior to creating the Orange County Professional Servers, the founder worked for attorney services. It inspired him to do things differently; namely to  apply higher standards and raise the likelihood of bringing clients good news.

In our opinion, there are several fundamental differences between how we structure our process serving in contrast to the long established attorney service. Below, “Attorney Service” refers to “some,” especially the larger ones.

  • The Attorney Service specializes in “Volume”.  We specialize in Results.
  • The Attorney Service operates a bureaucracy.  We operate efficiently.
  • The Attorney Service PS* does not draft the declaration. Here, the PS does.
  • The Attorney Service is loyal to the client. We are loyal to client, PS, and law.
  • The Attorney Service sells attempts. We rely on results for business.
  • The Attorney Service pays the PS a “market rate”. We pay the PS as a partner.

Not all attorney services fit the comparison. Nevertheless, it is our experience and opinion that for process serving purposes, the large attorney services are overly bureaucratic and inefficient.  In our opinion, they do not, with enough frequency tap basic resources at their disposal before launching a serve. At the Orange County Professional Servers, our orange county process server will handle affidavits and declarations personally.

*PS =  Process Server

22792 Centre Dr.,  Suite 105, Lake Forest, CA 92630

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